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I have so much fun with my 2 year old sister.
So basically,
we have these moments when i lay next to her & we just look at each other and then she starts to make these ridiculous sounds so i try to mimic her and then we end up doing the same things at the same time, and then we start to laugh, at first a fake laugh and then it becomes a genuine laugh. Once we stop laughing, she goes back to making weird faces and noises and as i try to mimic her we continue to laugh again until my mom tells us to stop at least 4 times.
It’s just like this, except i’m not a baby, and we’re not twin boys. haha



If you haven’t read my very firsts posts, you probably don’t know I’m moving to Cali this sunday. So for now, since yesterday afternoon we’re staying at the air force inn, it’s quite tiny for our family cause there’s 7 of us & only 2 bedrooms. Fortunately I get my own room, but the best part is that the beach is literally behind us, I can get to it in less than a minute.
Today was uneventful, I basically: woke-up, ate breakfast, went to the beach, played robot unicorn attack, took a shower, played robot unicorn attack, watched That 70’s Show, ate lunch, took a nap, went to the beach, played robot unicorn attack, took a shower, ate dinner, watched Glee (the second time I’ve ever seen it) then watched Speak w/my sisters, & now reading last months issue of teen vogue to pass time. It’s currently 11:16 pm & I most likely won’t pass out ’til 2 or 3. Hmm maybe I’ll go play robot unicorn attack after I read this magazine.