My sisters & I.


Fuck yeah to running 3.9 miles today. Fuck no to waiting 30 minutes for my ride in the windy weather while I’m only wearing shorts, a shirt and still perspiring. When I mentioned windy I mean the wind was so strong that the dirt/sand texture stung once it hit my legs & constantly got into my eyes. Next time I run at 6pm I’m wearing a hoodie.

Rock on!

Listened to Oldies & Classic Rock songs all day; i felt like i was in the 60’s for just a bit. Today was a good day. I’ve also been reading a book about Freud, a family friend lent me the book because he knows i’m interested in psychology…yet he didn’t know psychoanalysis is my least favorite approach but it’s the thought that counts! 🙂 Basically ran errands most of the day, i was originally wearing my pink v-neck when my aunt took me to Nike so i could buy running shoes. Then when we got back home i changed into a purple v-neck because it was more comfy. After resting for a bit, my mom,a few relatives & I went to buy new things for our house so I changed back into my pink v-neck because it was a lot thinner & it was hot out.  Among the new things bought, i got a suede butterfly chair & a cute pillow. Now i can relax. Well hope everyone has a great fourth of july & overall great weekend. ❤

“Oh synapses in my brain not working,
Why are you not making me remember?You fail at sending signals.
But it’s alright, you are forgiven.”
(inspired through stewie griffin’s ‘squiggly line’ poem & the late night-that became morning-conversation with becca)

Had a lovely tea party with my wittle sister. 🙂

It’s really sad to see that there are too many people in the world against homosexuality. Narrow-minded people should know that it’s none of their business to judge others, especially if it’s because with whom he or she is loving. It’s unfortunate for the narrow-minded people because they are the ones who will never experience true love. I feel sorry for them. Maybe one day they’ll open their mind to the idea that despite which gender someone loves, that couple is happy; happiness is a feeling we all deserve to feel. After all, we all seem to be on a pursuit of happiness, so continue to do what makes you HAPPY & continue to love. ❤

Time flys.

I feel like a child again, my heart wide open & mind free of worries. Although I’m not a child anymore, this very place was where I used to day dream about growing up & felt ready to live independently. A place where on a late night drive back home, I used to ride in the back seat watching the moon follow us; While now I sit shotgun looking out the window & find myself still easily mesmerized by the familiar full moon. Even when our house was so near, the speed limit hindered our progress. I still watched through heavy eyelids, the trees appeared black in the night even under a gleam of luminescent silver that didn’t reveal a hint of green.
Then right when the car doors were open, cool whispers of the wind intertwined with my hair as I rushed into our house, straight onto my comfy bed. Once, I remember dreaming about being in a college class room and woke up hoping that I was already 18-my quick sprint to the mirror only reflected a mere eager kid-those days are over. Now, the only reflection I can see is my readiness to become all that I can truly be-although I have to admit, I’m willing to not sprint to the mirror this time; I may just take 10 baby steps backwards before taking one giant step toward adulthood.

I happened to be really bored & in the mood to go shopping. So i went on H&M’s site to check out anything I’d want to buy when i go to H&M this monday. I saw Vanessa Hudgens outfit below & was inspired; so i browsed &  found a belt & oversized button up from H&M that i can buy. Oh & I created something on the style guide. Not too sure if i could pull off wearing the harem pant style though.

A year later.

I decided to look back on what i posted on my myspace blog. I found a few that I’m quite proud of and the ones i think are worth sharing.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Dave: “So tell us Mark, now at the very end – what was your secret? How did you get all them girls?”
Mark: “Simple. Don’t say anything at all.”
Carl: “Nothing?”
Mark: “Nothing. Then, when the tension becomes too much to bear, you finally, finally, you just say: “How about it, then?”

By the way, (Midnight) Mark was my favorite character. He’s so damn dreamy

Oh & he was even in 300; which explains why he looks so familiar. Hmm I'm not sure which character I like the most Mark or Astinos since it depends on whether his body was CGIed in 300. 😉

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