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“Oh synapses in my brain not working,
Why are you not making me remember?You fail at sending signals.
But it’s alright, you are forgiven.”
(inspired through stewie griffin’s ‘squiggly line’ poem & the late night-that became morning-conversation with becca)


Had a lovely tea party with my wittle sister. 🙂

It’s really sad to see that there are too many people in the world against homosexuality. Narrow-minded people should know that it’s none of their business to judge others, especially if it’s because with whom he or she is loving. It’s unfortunate for the narrow-minded people because they are the ones who will never experience true love. I feel sorry for them. Maybe one day they’ll open their mind to the idea that despite which gender someone loves, that couple is happy; happiness is a feeling we all deserve to feel. After all, we all seem to be on a pursuit of happiness, so continue to do what makes you HAPPY & continue to love. ❤

Time flys.

I feel like a child again, my heart wide open & mind free of worries. Although I’m not a child anymore, this very place was where I used to day dream about growing up & felt ready to live independently. A place where on a late night drive back home, I used to ride in the back seat watching the moon follow us; While now I sit shotgun looking out the window & find myself still easily mesmerized by the familiar full moon. Even when our house was so near, the speed limit hindered our progress. I still watched through heavy eyelids, the trees appeared black in the night even under a gleam of luminescent silver that didn’t reveal a hint of green.
Then right when the car doors were open, cool whispers of the wind intertwined with my hair as I rushed into our house, straight onto my comfy bed. Once, I remember dreaming about being in a college class room and woke up hoping that I was already 18-my quick sprint to the mirror only reflected a mere eager kid-those days are over. Now, the only reflection I can see is my readiness to become all that I can truly be-although I have to admit, I’m willing to not sprint to the mirror this time; I may just take 10 baby steps backwards before taking one giant step toward adulthood.

I happened to be really bored & in the mood to go shopping. So i went on H&M’s site to check out anything I’d want to buy when i go to H&M this monday. I saw Vanessa Hudgens outfit below & was inspired; so i browsed &  found a belt & oversized button up from H&M that i can buy. Oh & I created something on the style guide. Not too sure if i could pull off wearing the harem pant style though.

A year later.

I decided to look back on what i posted on my myspace blog. I found a few that I’m quite proud of and the ones i think are worth sharing.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Dave: “So tell us Mark, now at the very end – what was your secret? How did you get all them girls?”
Mark: “Simple. Don’t say anything at all.”
Carl: “Nothing?”
Mark: “Nothing. Then, when the tension becomes too much to bear, you finally, finally, you just say: “How about it, then?”

By the way, (Midnight) Mark was my favorite character. He’s so damn dreamy

Oh & he was even in 300; which explains why he looks so familiar. Hmm I'm not sure which character I like the most Mark or Astinos since it depends on whether his body was CGIed in 300. 😉

“Sometimes we love people so much that we have to be numb to it. Because if we actually felt how much we love them, it would kill us. That doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means your heart’s too big.”-Fay

When i go back to FL to visit, hopefully i’ll have loads of money to blow because I just watched a few video tours of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at & I saw a tour of the wand shop-too bad the person didn’t zoom in on the price-so that’s why i’ll be coming prepared with $. Well i could easily ask one of my friends who already went to the grand opening, but nonetheless i’ll still start a harry potter fund (once i get a job ofcourse).
Then I can also use my money to help others & not just for myself.

Btw, here is a picture I took of the Hogwarts Castle when I went to Universal in April.

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”- William Faulkner

I’ve been feeling empty lately, like all of my emotions have been drained out of me the past few months; Yet somehow it takes very little to make me cry, i’m a lot more emotional than ever before. It’s just that I’m afraid that if i get too comfortable with our situation, if i start to let my guard down at any second, everything can easily fall apart again. I’m not too sure what i exactly need right now, because recently life has seemed so surreal. Even after my step-dad died, I find that simply being alive is surreal. Although the recent change hasn’t been easy, fate has allowed me to realize things about myself, and the traits i want to change. I think I just might be growing up, growing up into a better person.