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Me: Lol it is truly boring. Its so boring that there should even be a store that sells a shirt that says “I lived in Viera & all I got was this lousy t-shirt” xP
Morgan: Hahahahha! Thats hilarious there really should be lol


Brian: You said I was a douche.
Stewie: But you’re my douche Brian, my douche. Come back and be my douche again.

Yet I don’t think any episode could beat the one where I heard Stewie’s Squiggly Line poem, that shit’s epic. I even memorized the first few lines of it.

Harry: I’ve been thinking about something Dumbledore said to me.
Hermione: What’s that?
Harry: That even though we’ve got a fight ahead of us, we’ve got one thing that Voldemort doesn’t have.
Ron: Yeah?
Harry: Something worth fighting for.

During the last week of my junior year, I had a conversation about Harry Potter with a few friends in Anatomy & Physiology.
It was probably the highlights of my junior year hahha
Well I can’t remember exactly how it went, but Grace had mentioned she wanted to go to Hogwarts & talked about the classes she’d love to take. Then as most of us concurred, I had mentioned how upset I was (still am) that Bellatrix killed Sirius. Oh & I also told the class that there’s an anatomy term called “Ligamentum Arteriosum” that sounds like a legit spell & everyone also concurred;
My anger was just now re-kindled because I just finished watching The Order of the Phoenix. I have to admit, I shed a few tears this time, then I had to remind myself it’s only a movie….Yehhhhp, I’m feeling like a real dork right now.

Let it be.

“It’s a Bittersweet Life”, was the name of my old blog, today I actually thought of using that as the replacement name for this blog, but then I realized, instead I could blog about what makes life so bittersweet. It must be the inner Carrie Bradshaw. 🙂
So I might blog about the bitter things, the sweet things, or both; yet I don’t want the basis of my blog to be about why life is bittersweet-don’t expect daily aphorisms-I’ll blog to my heart’s content.

It’s a bittersweet life:
As I searched the tv guide for something to watch, I saw that America’s Next Top Model was on, I was only interested to see who won since it was the finale, not sure which cycle it was since the Oxygen channel seems to play re-runs of random cycles. So anyway, once Tyra announced the winner, i started to wonder about competitions in general…How could anyone choose between who deserves something & who doesn’t? I mean what factors are necessary to consider whether someone is better than another?
We’re all equal after all, yet I think competitions demoralize our self-esteem,that we start to feel inferior because we couldn’t accomplish something we’re passionate about.
I think life’s bitter because it’s not always fair & that there are good people out there who don’t get what they deserve, but the sweet part is, I believe we all end up getting what we deserve sooner or later; despite what others might say or think.

Science humor:
People can be so cold & cruel, those people shouldn’t be living on Earth, they belong in the Boomerang Nebula.

I really can’t decide if i should replace my wallpaper on my phone, which is currently this:
This would be the replacement:
(click picture to enlarge)
they’re both so breath-taking!

“Though we may come from different countries and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.” -Albus Dumbledore

For memorial weekend, ABC Family is going to be showing the Harry Potter series. I just finished watching Harry Potter & the Goblet of fire. Tomorrow I assume they’ll play Harry Potter & the Order of The Phoenix; so expect more quotations from Dumbledore during this weekend ❤

Oh & the first time I saw this picture I chuckled for a bit then realized it was no laughing matter..


One day I’ll be the difference I want to see in this world.


As strange as it seems,
I’d rather dissolve
Than have you ignore me.

There is just something about 80’s movies that I absolutely love, movies like The Legend of Billie Jean, Lucas, E.T., The Little Mermaid, & Who Framed Roger Rabbit.